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Introduction/Presentation (of the project)

Today, an increasing number of people talk more and more about autonomy. However, only a few people are able to grasp its essence.

For defining it concisely, we can say that it is our future.

For defining it rather thoroughly, we need to speak about it day after day.

However, we think that we have to strive for middle ground.

It is important for everybody to understand the essence of autonomy and for all of us to clearly see that autonomy represents the key to Transylvania's future. In order to achieve this level of understanding, we have to disseminate the necessary knowledge as widely as possible.

For this purpose, the Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania and the Bálványos Institute searched for a new approach, which is very different from the conventional points of view expressed in previous decades and could offer everybody a clear, well-defined image of autonomy: that is, the future of Transylvania.

The think tanks pertaining to the Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania and The Bálványos Institute - that is, the knowledgeable experts on the subject matter - met and elaborated a 'primer' on autonomy destined to a very large audience. Then, IJ Communication, a Hungarian advertising company converted this manual into an infographic in order to explain it in a colourful, exciting and memorable manner to all people interested in the topic. The new form of the message was combined with an innovative means to convey it. Thus, infographics makes a spectacular entrance at The Bálványos Summer University with an open air exhibition presenting the Transylvanian time machine or historical labyrinth.


The Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania

The party committed to the cause of autonomy is motivated by a clear, well-defined vision on the future of Transylvania. It regards itself not as a self-serving purpose, but rather as a means for Hungarians in Transylvania to create a home for themselves, which can be passed on to their children with no fear for the future.

'We organise for work' wrote Kós Károly ninety years ago. He inspired our motto as well: 'We have to work, if we want to live; and we want to live, hence, we will work.'

The Bálványos Institute

The main objective of the institute is to continue the tradition of the 'Tusványos' summer university as a political workshop. Furthermore, it intends to organise training sessions and provide possibilities for publication both online and in printed form. In this manner, the spirit of the summer university and its impact will last more than a few days yearly and will be present permanently, enjoying the opportunity to develop further as well.

IJ Communication

The Hungarian advertising agency combines interest for public affairs and societal problems with experience in communication trends in a particular manner. In what concerns their previous activities, they have proved on a large number of occasions that their professional expertise can serve not only the purpose of selling various products, but is also appropriate for clarifying salient social issues and spreading knowledge about them.